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Salon 45+

Tweet “Salon 45 afforded the space for a warm and thoughtful exchange. We shared stories, perspectives, and most of all, things we’re each ‘chewing on’. I loved the opportunity to both listen and share. Regina and Marsha set the stage with valuable topics, then followed up with terrific questions. I had a wonderful evening.” ~ […]


Tweet *Don’t wanna read this whole blog? Skip to the end to look for what’s to come in Salon-land. I think you’re gonna like it. January’s Salon topic was on Voice. Outloud voice. Inside voice. Authentic voice. It was a rich conversation and a wonderfully warm, provocative evening where many voices were insightful and heard. […]

All Kidding Aside…

Tweet There is a crisis happening with girls in the world. As a woman who’s hoping to a be a mama someday (not to mention, just being human), I can’t help but be concerned. And I think you should be, too. Over 600 million girls under the age of 13 are denied education, safety, health, […]