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It’s all about connection, baby.
Sometimes people want to contact me and they feel shy about that or have an “I-don’t-want-to-bug-her” kind of thing. I promise, you do not need to have that internal conversation here. If you’d like to contact me, go for it. There are a few ways you can do it. You can email me. You can call. Or, you can find me on Twitter and Facebook.

So many choices!
While I’ll probably get your email sooner than your voicemail, I’m more likely to call you back quicker than I’ll email you back. That’s just how I roll. Connection, baby. Connection. That said, either way, you’ll likely hear from me in 1 business day.

My phone number is 503-235-3143. Best to leave a few good times for me to reach you (if you translate your available times into Pacific Time Zone bonus points for you). If those times are on a Monday or a Friday, we are golden. If we are in different times zones, never fear! I manage my ringer accordingly, call anytime you’d like.

You can cut and paste my email here or you can fill out the form below. It’s all the same to me; just do what works for you. My only request is that you allow a day or two for me to respond. If you still don’t hear back, feel free to ping me again.

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Regina Perata
Portland, OR