Five Stages

So you want to know a little more about these Five Stage I’ve created, eh? You’ve landed on the right page. Read on.

Locate your Power
We’ll spend the first hour having a very honest conversation about what you want, what you have. We’ll get to know one another a bit. I want to know you. Then, we’ll dive in more deeply: Where do you have a loss of power? When did you lose it? I’ll ask you pointed questions that are certain to be uncomfortable, but the good kind of uncomfortable- kind of like sore muscles after a great workout. Or, that slight sunburn that you know will turn into a deep, gorgeous tan. Finally, we’ll get crystal clear on the outcome we’ll produce over the next four sessions.
You’ll get some points to focus on over the next week, perhaps some assignments even.

Get Your Humanity
Human beings have an incredible capacity for suffering and a small capacity for ecstasy. We are amazing creatures filled with love, grace, reliance, good will and generosity. Ahh, but not always. Think Lord of the Flies. Sometimes we are nasty and sneaky and “reptilian” brains (amygdala) are out for straight up survival at any cost. We’ll talk about your sneaky side and the toll it’s taking on your life and your relationships and/or desires. By the end of this session will have an entirely new relationship to your humanity; one that will be based in reality and wholeness.

Reveal that which is hidden
Now that you get you are simply human like the rest of us (yes, hard to believe, I know, believe me, I know) you’ll have a chance to begin to unveil aspects of you, your life, your beliefs that have previously been “in the dark”. By bringing these bits to the forefront, you have the opportunity to really deal with what’s so- not what you HOPE is so or PRETEND is so. Dig it? How do I get at these hidden bits you ask? Ah, it’s all part of my magic dearie. This is one place, you’ll just have to trust me.

Release and Complete
Don’t want to hang on to some of that old stuff? No problem. Week 4 you get to release anything you want. You also can keep whatever you like. This is your life and your process. I will always share my assessment, the rest is up to you. I’ll bring you through a completion process (or ritual, depending on your preference) that will have you wonder why you didn’t do this years ago.

By now, you are feeling fine! You are on top of the world, thinking to yourself, “I don’t even NEED that last session”. You’ll see results popping up all over in your life. Your friends will notice your Power Restored and you might even just be a bit (gasp!) happier. But, I assure you, you will WANT this last session. It’s where the sweet nectar of the juice is.
In this last conversation, I’ll ask you questions and guide you through a conversation by which you will create what you want in your life in a way that allows for it to actually realize. You get to take on new ways of being, new actions and new practices that will give you an entirely different future than you otherwise would have had. How do you like them apples?

If this is just the thing for you. Go for it. Nothing happens tomorrow. It’s always tomorrow. You could believe that my writing is just a smarmy sales technique and, I want you to know, I say that out of my commitment to your power, your freedom. I am committed that each human being having full Power in their life. Free from pain and suffering. I just want peace on earth and I do not think it’s too much to ask. This is my stab at it. You game?