Going All The Way

What is your lack of power costing you?
What is it worth to you?
Is it worth holding out?
It won’t go away. It’ll just turn into something else.
Fix it before it’s a crisis.


We are not used to quantifying our personal work.

We don’t even really think about the ROI on therapy and personal growth because mostly we think we are supposed to handle it on our own: we are “above that” or we can “get over it” or “in time we’ll work it out.” But the truth is, for most of us the core issues we deal with now, or have dealt with in our past, are certain to be the things weighing us down in the future. And it costs us money. It costs our health and our life force.

Sometimes if we’re lucky, we wake up and realize there are costs. But we don’t live in a culture that helps us analyze or quantify what our lack of power costs OR the possible ROI on getting our stuff sorted out once and for all.

We know a cost when it hits our wallet:

Divorce: $30,000 – $75,000
Health issues: $10,000 – $20,000
MBA: $100,000
Medications: $5,000

Then there are the things that we have a harder time quantifying:

• What is the emotional and social impact of divorce?
• Being single?
• What is the emotional impact of taking ongoing medication?
• What does it cost to NOT do the work you know in your heart you need and want to do?
• What is the cost of being dissatisfied in your work and contribution in the world?
• What’s it worth to you to be a part of important conversations at work? How painful is it to not be a part of the conversations and meetings that you hunger for? My friend Marsha Shenk says there is no better of faster way to take a human being down at work than exclusion. Restoring Power or causing a major breakthrough in your power and leadership is a way to ensure you are part of those conversations and making the difference, and the salary, you want to make.

What is your life worth?

It costs a lot of money to get a bad haircut or dye job fixed. And in the end you’re out-of-pocket financially or ego either way. Ever add up the costs to the ego and the pocketbook of a relationship gone awry, a dream job never attained?

I wonder about the ways we cheapen our experiences by deferring the opportunity to pay once and be done with it. Instead of buying quality, we spend less money on cheap fixes, and have to replace the worn out parts more often. It took me ages finally buy one pair of jeans that cost $168, that I feel awesome in, wear all the time and which last for three years, and realize they are SO MUCH LESS expensive than buying three to four pairs of the cheapies per year, because they get baggy in the first wear, fall apart after one season, and get holes more quickly in places I don’t want holes–not to mention, they don’t look half as good.

And now it’s time for the point.

You can keep spending money on various coaches, trying on different helpers, losing sleep at night or just feeling depressed or numb during the day. You can keep spending money on cocktails, retail therapy or medications and keep hoping that one day your problems really will all be better.

Except that they won’t be. Unless you invest in yourself in a way you KNOW will work.

Fixing it for good

I want to help you to completely transform yourself – regain your full power in an area of life that is important to you (work, health, relationship, scarcity/poverty, spirit).

I’ve been watching what happens for my clients that go see the practitioners and professionals I recommend. It’s clear to me that they have a greater advantage in their transformation, happiness and success than those that do not.

When I have clients who see practitioners that bring special gifts to the transformative process that I don’t, they ALWAYS excel and “go all the way” in their growth.

Problem is, sometimes seeing all the folks I recommend can be cost prohibitive, or it’s a job to coordinate seeing various people. I’m committed to your complete healing. So I designed a package that promises to cause a complete transformation for you in whatever area of your life you are willing to have a breakthrough in.

What is complete transformation? This is meant to look like drastically less suffering. I can’t promise no suffering because that’s not real life, but the suffering that will come up will feel manageable and even usable. It’s also meant to give life and vibrancy where it once was but has since been lost–restored power. Feeling in charge but with a sweet surrendered quality. It’s a whole new way of being and balance. Transformation is meant to bring happiness, in an area you are committed to and want a breakthrough in.

How premium is this package?

It’s really FUN for me when people have massive breakthroughs. And since one person cannot be all things to all people, I’ve created a special swat team of healers that really make a potent, special sauce.

I’ve spent ten years working with and finding the best of the best in town.

I have a remarkable gift for knowing who will cause a breakthrough and knowing when is the time to do what.

In this package, you are totally and utterly cared for and supported. I work with you to find who will be the right people to support you along the way. I’ll help you create a map for the next six months of who to see and when it will maximize value in your journey. I’ll have you as my “pet project”… turning myself loose on you, thinking of you not just when in session but on my walks, in my dreams–really allowing myself to heal in the ways that feel most natural, powerful and effective.

I know what works and what I can promise on the other end… you just have to want it and be willing to also TURN YOURSELF LOOSE too.

The SWAT effect

I can promise all kinds of good stuff working with just me. My clients are proof. But if you really want to change something big forever and ever… do this package where you shift your energy, your body, your spirit, your language, your ontology, your context, your thinking, your heart, your constitution… all of it.

If you do that, I promise you, it will be the best money you ever spent–saving you, and even making you, a return on investment over and over and over again.

I’m committed that people get their power restored and healing complete. Does that mean personal manna forever? Of course not, but a FAR more satisfying life that costs us less and earns us more.


16 sessions with me
6 Acupuncture sessions (5 Element)
6 Somatic Body sessions
4 Core Energetics sessions
2-3 Homeopathic sessions
2 books that I pick especially for you

Choose from (choose 3)
Massage sessions with an intuitive massage therapist.
Energy work sessions
Astrology or Tarot Session with Author Laura Clarsen
Food planning/cooking
Hair make-over
Fashion consultant
Writing/branding/story changer
Reading with Danielle LaRoche
(or extra session with any of the above)

All my best people and healers are found, right here, on hand. You don’t have to wonder if you are going to waste your money on someone new and not get any benefit.

You will have a partner every step of the way; holding the whole process with you. I get to think about you love you, nurture you and hold you in all ways that I want to but am not always free to inside the confines of weekly sessions.

You don’t have to worry about coordinating and scheduling. I do that for you. I lay out the plan week by week and set up your appointment in advance. You’ll get a written and soft copy calendar that lays it all out for you. Like a roadmap. *Any reschedules are to be done by you on your end.

I will go to some of these sessions with you, in the spirit of supporting you and advocating for you. Clients usually prefer this option, but it’s of course, always up to you.

When I say “love you”, I really mean it. I used to get waitressing jobs just so I could be of service. I’d get home at 2am with a giant smile on my face and buzz in my heart. Nowadays, post grad school, the fantasy has been more about having people who want or need support over to my home, cuddled up by the fire, feeding and nurturing them. Since that’s not totally practical, this is the next best way I know how to completely nurture people- wholistically and in a way that I KNOW get the desired result- once and for all. No more mussing around with a “trying a bit of this” or “trying a bit of that”.

Want proof? Try this pudding.

I’m not saying this work will get you off drugs, but I am saying that to my knowledge, each person that I have worked who was on medication came off their medication and have sustained that. There are MANY cases in which there are genetic and chemical reasons to NOT come off your meds. But for feelings of general depression, anxiety and stress, this work transforms. What is that independence worth to you?

Relationships can be saved: The problem is, people don’t seek help in enough time to save them. Since people don’t generally want to admit that what’s in their future is the horrible pain of a terminated marriage, they wait until it’s so late, and the possibility of divorce is so present, that they are grasping for anything that will make a difference. I’ve helped change the future of partnerships in dire circumstances, but it’s not a gamble I suggest. Come in enough time, and I can promise a different, powerful future with CHOICE.