How it all Works

1. You land on my site. Poke around. Catch the vibe.
Hang out here if you’re diggin the vibe. It’s for you or it’s not. I appreciate your time, either way. If you stay a while, read the blog, join the conversation or subscribe to receive the blog regularly or occasional newsletters. Get doses of value in dark and light.

2. You like.
Visit the Five Stages to Restoring Power. Want more? Take a gander at my services or perhaps dip inside what other people have to say. If you are inspired, tell your friends about Restoring Power and the ideas you’re learning or insights you are having.

3. Push the button.
Power up. Do you see something here that lights you up? Something that shows up like an opportunity for you? Something that if you engaged, would further what there is to further in your life?

Press the button to buy, to reach me, pick your package.

4. I’ll email you back. We’ll start talking.
First, we’ll have an exchange. You’ll share with me what you want to get from a coaching engagement. Then we’ll combine my skill set with your outcome and customize the work to you. You will pay for your initial session or package in advance. We set our first session, which will usually run about 75-90 minutes. After we meet, we’ll schedule the remaining sessions. Then we start rockin. I’ll use my street cred, my soul cred, my savvy in Somatics, Linguistics, and Ontology to support, restore and guide your transformation. You’ll get homework. Magic will happen.

5. You tell me.
I’ll always have my eye on the outcome. It will be your job to tell me if you’re getting what you want. If you are not satisfied by the end of the second session, I’ll refund all your money. No joke. Easy peasy. When you’re done, you get to declare your power restored.

6. Want me to speak to your group?
If you want me to come to your company or organization or club event and give a talk on this stuff, then push that button again to send me an inquiry. Tell me about your group, the topic you want me to rock. Then we negotiate cost, and I show up and—yep, you guessed it—rock it.

7. Get on the Guest List.
The Restoring Power Salons take place once per month and are invite-only—so get yourself on the list! They are free, 60-minute talks and guided conversations with groovy women about groovy issues…like Restoring Power—What is that anyway? Grace, Compassion, The Dark Side, Taboos, Responsibility, Commitment, Balance—Or the Myth of It, Community, Partnership and Power, Victimhood, On Being Nice, Competitive…and the list goes on.

Got questions? I’ve got answers.

Read what other people have to say.