The Me Part

My Credentials (Street Cred) + My Story (Soul Cred)

[Street Cred.] I have it. I hold certifications and continue to log thousands of hours in training. (I’m kind of a junkie for this stuff.) But in my experience, it hasn’t been my Marriage and Family Therapist degree or coaching execs in Fortune 500 companies that qualify me. When it comes to our humanity we’re pretty much the same. Light, dark, house-bound or jet-setting, we all grow from the dark and toward the light.

[Soul Cred.] I have that too. That’s what gets us groovy. Gets the mojo flowing and our work together crackling. The lessons we learn in life are the things we have to give away. When I focused my coaching on purpose-finding, I was trying to figure out my own. Consulting for new business owners, I had just spent the past two years developing mine. Working as a dancer after grad school, I was learning indelible lessons about power (and sales). And the lessons in humanity continue—from working for my marriage, to deciding whether to work for myself or somebody else. Surrendering the family crosses I bear to communicate in new and loving ways. Everything I’ve learned from birth till now has everything to do with my relationship to power. …As long as there is life to live, there’s power to restore. Light to find.

[Credo.] Yep. Got one of those, too, all full of words like love and hell and humanity and happiness. Wanna read it?

Street Cred. (Dig?)

Education and Training

Marriage and Family Therapy in the School of Applied Psychology & Systems Theory
Antioch New England Graduate School, Keene, New Hampshire

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Women’s Studies
University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California

Certified in Hogan Assessment
Trained to lead courses in Masterful Conversations, Negotiation Essentials, Resolving Conflict, SAVI Business Communications
Certified Trainer in Getting to YES! (Harvard Negotiation Project)
PowerSpeaking (Frederick Gilbert)
Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Dare to Dance in Commerce (BestWork Leadership Development Training)
Landmark Education: Core Curriculum, Relationship seminar, Money seminar, Wisdom Course, Causing the Miraculous
Somatic Based Training – Understanding the Body in its Wholeness (business application)
Reiki I Practitioner


Portland Female Executives (Portland branch of National Association for Female Executives) – Founding member and Advisory Board member.
World Pulse Magazine – Founding member and Advisory Board member
Edges Coaching Community (former member)
Portland Area Business Association
Wordstock – Board member 2007- present

Speaking Engagements + Media


NIKE, Women’s Leadership, May 2011
SHOP 2008 – Premier event for Portland business owners
EXCELL – Professional group, CEO’s in business over 5 years, $1M minimum revenue
OAN – Oregon Association of Nurseries (executive event)
PDXFX – Portland Female Executives
AMA (American Marketing Association)
PNWSP – Pacific Northwest Support Professionals, Linfield College
ITP- International Training Professionals
IMC- International Management Consultants
Alternative Graduation address UCSB 1995

Rock Your Genius radio show recently interviewed me on Restoring (my own) Power. Listen here to get the goods.

Upstart Smart interviewed me as one of 20 solopreneurs to watch. Read this article to learn more about my past businesses, keys to starting your own business, and what the catalyst was for Restoring Power.

Soul Cred. (Om, Bruthas + Sistas.)

  • When I was five, wrote in my keepsake book, I love peeple. I want to change the wurld.
  • I became a peer counselor in high school.
  • And worked with a spiritual teacher who taught me how to read energy, personalities, and chakras.
  • I studied sociology in college because I was fascinated how we bump up against each other in communities: we don’t live in a vacuum.
  • After grad school, I wanted to make a broader impact, so I left marriage and family therapy to work in business, for the next decade, learning from every single client that crossed the threshold.
  • I launched Restoring Power to focus on what I love: interpersonal development, empowerment, communication, helping people live fully.
  • I love to watch people become who they have never been before, all for the greater good.
  • weedy

  • I believe we can make peace with all of our humanity.
  • This work is my art and I’m committed to mastery of my art.
  • People often say they feel like they can tell me anything.
  • I have seen that the gift of being with somebody fully is enough to cause a breakthrough in and of itself.
  • I watch people become the creators and instigators of their own lives.
  • I’m willing to make messes in my life. Say things even if I’m not sure how to say them, because I am willing to stand for something, for me, or someone else.
  • weedy

  • I come from a long line of “seers” on my maternal side. To that end, I got the power.
  • When people work with me, I often see images of the thing that needs healing, or things for me to be careful of. Once I had a man sitting in my office and he had horns on his head. I kid you not. When I blinked they didn’t go away. I referred him to someone who could handle his horns. Years later, I got confirmation that that was a wise move.
  • I don’t know if my visions are “accurate” when I have them. But with my clients, I follow my instincts and they tend to be spot on.
  • When I plug the intuition into my years of trained, professional listening—to words, to the body, energy, and reading between the lines—it delivers a powerful result.
  • I take the whole person into account, their whole system.
  • I know that if I want us all to be freed up, I have to keep restoring my own power.


  1. All breakdowns, suffering and upsets are a direct result of a loss of personal power.
  2. Everyone is hiding something. We are habituated to hiding. Revealing that something is the key to our personal power and freedom.
  3. Getting our “humanity” is the key to our personal power, authenticity and happiness.
  4. Stagnation is Hell.
  5. Love heals.

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