The You Part

I help creatives, entrepreneurs, leaders and partners restore their power and get what they want. You may want to consider working with me if you’re one of those. And, if you’re one of these…

You’re up to something. Or you want to be.

You are interested in playing big. What does BIG mean? Your work and your life MATTERS to you. If you’re playing that game, you’re going to find losses of power on the way, places where your muscles are weak and not used to the game. You are a risk taker. Courageous.

You resist.

Your boss. Sex. Making the calls you need to make. Your art. You think that if the situation were just different, you wouldn’t have to resist that thing. What does RESIST mean? You don’t engage. You stop. You fester. Complain. Break down. Wish it would be otherwise.

Physically, if you’re pushed up against something, there’s nothing you can do but push back. But emotionally, if you stop pushing, you have all kinds of choices. You become free to move. Real power has no force in it. Being at choice = not resisting.

Everybody resists something. What’s the price you pay for yours?

You want something.

A marriage. Promotion. To live your potential. To come out about something.
You want a boyfriend or girlfriend. Or you want to quit. There’s something you want to own. Or surrender. You seek your own sense of power and mastery where you feel weak and out of control.

You are hungry.

To have a greater impact in the world.
To be in the driver seat of your life.
To make something happen.

You have been dreaming about it for a long time, but can see there is a gap between you and what you want. You likely have done some amount of personal work to close that gap (therapy, development workshops, self-reflection).

Often we think we’re in the driver seat, but it’s the survival brain that is moving us. What do you want when you think beyond survival? What do you really and truly want to be, do, create?

You have a case of “nice.”

In this sense, “nice” doesn’t mean “deeply compassionate.” It means letting our own needs and wants go consistently. You can step on me. I’m fine. There is a loss of power here. The give-get muscle is weak on one side. When we are super-nice, we’re often not present to our dark side. Air that out a little, and it gives us an opportunity to finally feel satisfied.

You’re a bully. (Er, a strong personality.)

You know who you are. Driven. Dominating. Likely successful. You go out and get what you want. Except it comes at a price. You’re a strong personality who knows what you need and how to make a request. Every now and then you feel the “downside” of being such a grand force. You want it to be different but you’re afraid you will no longer be successful or get what you want. Except you can hardly even say it’s scary out loud because fear is not your M.O. No sir. Sound familiar?

You are willing to look at your dark side.

Our dark sides consist of anything we feel ashamed to look at. Anything we are withholding or hiding or are embarrassed about. Taboos. Unconscious. Stuff lurking inside us we think is not okay to say, from benign to very deep.

Our dark side typically has nothing to do with being kind and compassionate, but is the part of us that can be ugly and mean and dominating and righteous. When we are not present to the dark side it “has” us. Versus when we bring it into the light, we have it. We start running the show, instead of it running us.

It’s not about blame or fault or making yourself wrong. It’s about telling the truth about what is already so, already happening in the background. Transformation begins with telling it like it is.

You don’t have a dark side.

Yeah. You do. We all do. It comes with being human.

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