Your Questions

1. What do you do anyway? What are you?  
Some people call me business therapist. Others, a consultant. Some people call me an ass-kicking angel of white light, and still others call me a coach. You can call me whatever you want.

A therapist is trained to ask questions that allow you to heal your past.
A consultant has savvy and experience in a particular domain, and gives feedback and opinions based on their experience.
A coach asks questions and brings accountability to help clients create a future that wouldn’t otherwise happen.
A healer heals.

I have been a therapist, a consultant, a coach and I was born a healer: my professional training gives me the chops. And I descend from a long line of clairvoyants, which means my intuition pulls out all the stops. I listen. I see. I relate. I give you my opinion. I ask you questions about your past and what you want of your future, so that you restore your power and get what you want. Transformation heals.

I use my 12+ years of training and savvy in Somatics (allowing and using the body to inform, heal and lead), Linguistics (language is generative and creates our experiences, our life, our world) and Ontology (shedding light on our being-ness) to support, restore and/or guide your transformation.

2. How does it all work?
From earthy to logistics, see how it all works here.

3. Will it hurt?
Did I mention we have fun? Our work will at times be playful and light and joyous. And at times could be uncomfortable, intense. The thing is, hiding out from the discomfort is what keeps you from what you want. I promise you two things: I promise to be with you in the discomfort. And I promise you, that whatever intensity you may fear could arise in our work together, pales in comparison to suffering out the issue that’s got you upset, stuck, disconnected. There is reward on the other side. And more joy to being plugged in.

4. What will I actually get?
My clients tell me they get the experience of being deeply seen. They have said they get the experience of feeling more committed to than ever before. From our work together, you will get insight, clarity, and breakthroughs in areas that you didn’t know were affected, or even existed: You may come in looking for a breakthrough in x, and come out with breakthroughs in x, y and z.

You’ll get the truth told to you. If you’ve ever had a therapist or healer that didn’t say it like it is, you’ll get that from me…that thing all your friends have been afraid to tell you. You’ll get it from me, with love, with compassion, directness, respect. You’ll get what you came for.
5. How long do you work with clients?
Anywhere from one session to six months. It depends on where you are in your life and where you want to be, what breakthroughs you want to have, and how coach-able you are.

6. Why would I hire you over any of the other bazillion coaches out there?
Besides my credentials, that’s up to you and what you’re looking for. You would hire me if you want a game changer, a light-bringer, a love-giver, a serious portal to your potential. Dedicated to human performance, personal development and transformation, this work lived in me before it had a name. You could say I’m mildly obsessed with it. So I walk my talk. Not perfect, just willing to clean up where I make messes.

I may not be right for you. And that’s okay. But if you’re nay-saying simply because you feel fear, I would encourage you to jump anyway. Being scared does not equal “she’s not a fit.” That said, it’s got to feel right. If I’m not “the one” but you want to do the work, send me a note and I’ll help you find someone who is.

7. What is Restoring Power anyway?
A lifetime of this work has revealed that power is access to liberation and our transformation. There is a dark side of power, and a light side. When we hide out in the good stuff (light) all the time, effectively denying the dark, we disconnect. The divide gets wider till something happens to jostle us awake—desire, pain, opportunity.

Restoring Power brings together the two sides of the divide. It brings light to the dark, and diffuses it. It pulls gravity from the dark to anchor your experience in truth and authenticity. When we look at the light and dark together, we experience wholeness. I want people to have freedom, and to be at choice in their lives in ways they didn’t even know that they weren’t at choice. I think it makes the world a better place. Selfishly, these are the people I want to be interacting with. People fully in touch with their power and authenticity. Our deepest, richest relationships live there.

8. Where are you located?
Portland, Oregon. I work with people all over the map, in person or over the phone.

9. Do you do speaking gigs?
Yep. For non-profits and creative agencies, corporations and hobbyists, graduations, group consultations, conferences, you name it. I have done many. Will do many more. I love rockin’ the house. Learn more here.

10. What do you love?
Besides what you already know about me, I love my life, my wife, my chickens, organics, dark and seedy, light and earthy, well placed tattoos, beauty, good food, wine, music, and theater. Nature. I love nature. I love being current. I love mavericks, pioneers, bohemians, eccentrics. I love watching someone awaken. I love people who are willing to fail in order to accomplish something really big. I love being inspired by humanity, human beings’ resilience and courage, tenacity. I love old homes, especially mine.

11. How much does it cost? Why does it cost what it cost?
(First off, here are my services.) I charge an hourly rate or package price, depending on the work we do. It costs what it costs because our work is an energy exchange. Me in service to you, you in service to yourself, backing your desire with value.

12. How do I contact you?
You can contact me here.