Restoring Power Organic Retreat

Weekend Intensive

Registration is now CLOSED.

Three-Day Organic Winter Retreat
July 8, 9 & 10th 2011
Registration is open!

We’ll be doing transformation in the woods (well, in a gorgeous cottage in the woods, let’s not get crazy!) right on the lovely Hidden Lake (45 minutes from Portland, OR) at the peak of Winter. Organic, local foods will be prepared for you, you’ll soak up a cozy fire at night (in a 100 year old gorgeous hearth), fresh air in the day and have the option to sign-up for massages and other energy work if you choose.

Restoring Power retreat is delivered asThe Five Stages over the course of an in-depth 3-day retreat offers:
– 1:1 and group coaching that promises to restore your power in an area important to you
– powerful fire and water rituals
– customized workbooks
– private time for journaling, resting, reflecting
– beauty, nature, fresh air
– a new community of learners and seekers like yourself
– delicious organic, local (as much as possible) meals prepared for you daily
– quiet, peaceful time to yourself
– a sweet room in a large cabin or wood house
– saunas
– yoga under the stars
-private healing sessions (additional fee)

If you love intense, in-person, community-type learning with nourishing (and yummy) foods prepared for you, gorgeous natural space in the woods overlooking a lake and time away from everything in your busy life, you will relish this course.

My first response to the retreat was, this touchy feely kinda stuff is outside of my comfort zone and I doubt it would benefit me…but, I must say, hands down I regained power.
– Tammie Walker, HR Consulant (formerly at Vestas)

When I signed up for Regina’s retreat, I didn’t know what to expect but was hoping to return with a greater sense of control and clarity. What a pleasant surprise to have revealed deeper issues that needed to be addressed first. The results and process were equally amazing.
– Gina Rau, Aisle 7 and Founder, Feed Our Families

Regina and I had recently been working on some fear and loss of power issues with my clients when she mentioned her retreat on Restoring Power. I thought it sounded great, but I wavered because it has always been one-on-one with Regina, and I wondered how I was going to get what I needed sharing her with other strangers. In spite of the doubts, I attended and was so happy I did so. The experience was cathartic. Being with, feeling with, listening with and feeling the energy and support of Regina and the other women was amazing! Needless to say, during some one-on-one time with Regina early on, which she gives to all as needed, she got right to the source of my power drain – not my clients, rather, the relationship with my aging parents who now live with me full time and who I resented. I felt trapped and to make matters worse guilty for feeling as I did because taking care of one’s parents is what nice Latin women do. While painful to confront, this shifted my energy and work entirely during the rest of the retreat and I had a tremendous breakthrough in the relationship my mom and dad – where I once held anger and resentment, I now honestly hold freedom, ease, compassion and love. And best of all, I feel free and unbound to truly live my life with them and apart from them. The icing on the cake is the breathtaking setting and the amazing, delicious healthy food. It’s such a purifying experience. I have just three words for anyone considering – just do it!
-Business Owner, Summer Retreat Participant

The Restoring Power seminar opened up an issue in my life that I had been holding quietly and not so nicely. In Restoring Power, I got to see it, name it, give it life. I got it out of me and got relief, perspective, understanding, power even. Course over, I thought I was done. But that opening started me moving in ways I could never have dreamed up. In weeks and months that followed, my life around that topic utterly changed. I am calmer, stronger, more powerful, and–can I say?–full of humor and love about what once had me spitting nails.
– Pema Teeter, Writer + Story Charmer

What Else?

Massages and other body & energy work are optional. If you are interested in booking services you may learn more at the Hidden Lake Retreat website. Any services you register for will be booked and paid for separately. Hidden Lake Retreat is just 45 minutes from downtown Portland, OR and about 40 minutes from the Portland airport.

The Deets

Dates: July 8-10, 2011
Where: Hidden Lake Retreat, about 45 minutes from Portland.
When: Friday morning, 10am – Sunday afternoon 4pm.
Limit: Retreat is limited to 10 participants so that I can promise my full attention, care and coaching to each one.

What Others Are Saying

I wasn’t sure what to expect during the Restoring Power seminar, but I was amazed at Regina’s ability to gracefully lead each of us into looking at where we had lost our power. By the end, each one of us had experienced some major insight or breakthrough about how to get our power back. For my own experience, I recognized why and when I had lost some of my power related to my career, remembered what it felt like in the past when I had experienced being strong and confident, recognized the amazing support I have around me, and renewed my energy and commitment to be my most powerful self. And we had fun and laughs too!
– Jillian Taylor, The Illuminary Group

Before the workshop, I was aware of the concept of a “dark side” and even aware that I had one. But during the course, guided by Regina’s integrity and compassion, people were incredibly courageous in revealing the really dark stuff. There was pain, and tears, but there was also acceptance and even self-forgiveness. I was deeply inspired. I thought to myself, if these brave people can own up to their darkest stuff and then find a way to accept and even forgive themselves, maybe I can too.
Kerry McClenahan, McClenahan Bruer Communications

The Restoring Power retreat was a chance to focus on my career and give myself a break from work. I had reservations about discussing personal fears and issues so I decided to focus on my career. I am amazed at the depth of work “around my shadow self” that showed up, mostly in the personal space. I found the work to be emotionally deep, insightful and fun. Two months later, I am still benefiting from the experience. With the approach Regina created in addition to the safe environment, you are bound to move toward the goal you are trying to achieve. It is my pleasure to provide a very strong recommendation for anyone considering this workshop.
– Shelley Wagner Transition Management Director, Nike HR

The Fee

Early Bird, before June 23, $789
You save $110
Price: $899
Final Registration closes midnight July 1st, 2011.

Make no mistake, this is a great deal given all the fee includes:
– all your (amazing) meals (Friday morning through Sunday lunch)
– 2 nights of delish lodging
– a personalized workbook
– personalized ritual gifts
– 2-3 yoga classes or body work classes/sessions
– powerful, intense, compassionate coaching that promises a breakthrough in your personal power
– daily group and individual sessions with me
– community, community, community- you’ll leave feeling deeply connected to the participants and will have the choice to stay connected after the seminar

*If you were simply doing a bed and breakfast weekend away, your lodging and food alone would cost about the price of admission to this retreat. You could say, you are getting the retreat itself as a bonus!

From a private Lakeside Cottage to sharing an old-fashioned lodge room, we’ll contact you to sort out the right lodging for you.

*Money a bit tight right now? You can save on your lodging if you’d like to sleep outdoors under the stars or in a rustic pony barn. Ask me about this.

A close friend invited me to attend the Restoring Power Retreat with her. The website looked interesting and resonated with much of what I was feeling. However, it had a distinctly “therapy” based feel that concerned me. I was a worried that the retreat had the potential to be a real nightmare situation run by a facilitator that would have little regard for personal boundaries or comfort zone. I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong.

Regina is what makes the program take flight. She creates a caring and supportive environment in which each individual is allowed to determine the level or depth with which they wish to share or simply listen. Regina challenged some of my basic assumptions and patterns of behavior, but in a manner that was supportive and non-threatening. The retreat has had a definite positive impact on getting me back on track.
– Sheila Kemp, Training Manager, Vestas